Jessica Parsons

I'm Jessica Parsons, and I've been professionally coding for the web since 2006. My extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG makes it easy for me to adapt to new frameworks and CMS platforms, ensuring wherever possible that the markup they generate is semantic, efficient, and accessible. As a former school teacher, I love sharing my knowledge and helping people solve difficult problems.

Key Skills

Recent Projects

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OpenSMC screenshot OpenSMC

Jekyll site for San Mateo County's Code for America brigade

Cañada College Fashion Department screenshot Cañada College Fashion Department

Custom-built WordPress site

St. Simon Parish School screenshot St. Simon Parish School

Custom site built on LightCMS

Exercises and Experiments

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Sass Only Dice screenshot Sass Only Dice

Six empty divs turned into an animated 3D die using only CSS (Sass)

Elm Practice screenshot Elm Practice

Playing with functional reactive programming in elm

Video Viewer screenshot Video Viewer

Project expanded from GDI workshop exercises


Web Development Instructor

JobTrain, a non-profit vocational training organization, June - October, 2016

  • Taught a 16-week, full-time intensive course to prepare students—many of whom have never programmed—for careers in web development
  • Received excellent reviews in anonymous student evaluations
  • Prepared a completely new curriculum to meet changes in industry needs and student demographics
  • Left voluntarily at course completion. Assisted with recruiting and selection of new instructor, and continue to volunteer on Technical Advisory Committee

Instructor and Curriculum Developer

Girl Develop It (GDI), 2015-present

Website Lead (volunteer)

OpenSMC, San Mateo County's Code for America Brigade, 2015-present

  • Built the initial brigade website and continue to oversee its development. (See OpenSMC project listing for more detail.)
  • Mentor new coders toward making code contributions in HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, using Git for deployment
  • Plan projects and administration as a member of the leadership team
  • Assist with open data mapping projects, including SMC Service Locator and "Birds, Bees, and Beans"

Teaching Assistant and Curriculum Editor (volunteer)

ElmBridge, 2016-present

  • Invited to assist students in the first RailsBridge-style workshop for the Elm programming language
  • Proofread documentation and submitted PRs for edits. Currently writing new exercises and installation documentation.

Web Designer/Developer

Part-time freelance, 2006-present

  • Design, build, and provide ongoing support
  • Create systems for easy updating by non-technical personnel
  • CMS platforms: WordPress, Jekyll, tumblr, LightCMS
  • Languages: HTML5, CSS (with Sass), SVG, JavaScript (vanilla and jQuery), PHP, mySQL
  • Please visit the Projects page for site-specific details

Technology Coordinator

Computer Explorers for St. Simon School, Los Altos, CA 2007-2009

  • Designed and built the school website (re-designed via freelance contract in 2014)
  • Taught after-school classes in game programming (REALbasic and Scratch), hardware integration (PicoCricket), green screen photography, stop motion animation, geocaching, and girls' tech club
  • Trained teachers in technology use, and helped develop technology-integrated lessons
  • Provided all IT support, purchasing, maintenance, and deployment for the entire campus, including OS X and Windows servers, 250 MacBooks, 36 netbooks running a custom install of Ubuntu Linux, 20 projectors with document cameras, and 3 different interactive whiteboard models
  • With no prior server experience, trained myself in OS X server setup and re-built a crashed server in my first week on the job


Various employers, 1997-2007

  • School technology lead teacher
  • Built a student information database for scheduling electives
  • Taught primary age children to program in LOGO
  • Connected and managed network infrastructure for classrooms and homes in a variety of contexts beyond my normal duties


Web Development Workshops and Courses

  • Girl Develop It San Francisco: AJAX, Object-Oriented JavaScript and MVC Architecture, Backbone, APIs, Unit Testing with Jasmine
  • General Assembly: Teaching Adult Learners
  • College of San Mateo: PHP and mySQL
  • Conferences: Forwardjs, Write Speak Code, A11y Camp Bay Area, GDG DevFest, Chrome Dev Summit
  • Meetups: SFHTML5, Bay Area Accessibility and Inclusive Design, SF Elm User Group, JAM Stack, Bay Area d3, San Francisco SVG, Maptime Silicon Valley, Google Developer Group, Waffle JS

Master of Arts, Mathematics Education

Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA

Coursework included language acquisition, mathematical problem solving, school technology

Bachelor of Arts, Education and Child Study

Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA

Senior thesis explored linguistic aspects of mathematics and implications for teaching strategies. Coursework included developmental psychology, educational policy, mathematics, linguistics, art

About Me

A lifelong learner, trained as a teacher, I'm a pattern seeker and a tinkerer with a passion for making things beautiful, functional, or delicious (and sometimes all three).

Outside of work, I've baked and decorated wedding cakes, designed and sewn prize-winning garments, and taken apart and repaired all sorts of home appliances. I've even had someone dress up as me for Halloween!

I live in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area and enjoy exploring its natural wonders with my shiba inus, Petunia and Monty.

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